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Congratulations on the birth of your little baby! His arrival marks a turning point in your life. Photography allows you to immortalize the magic of his first moments. These images, filled with softness and tenderness, will be the most beautiful witness of your family life.

As an artist photographer, my passion is to highlight the magic of the first days and months of baby to offer you a beautiful memory.

Baby photo session Menton

Professional photographer, a large part of my universe is dedicated to children. Passionate about art and images, my art studies have confirmed the emotional approach I have and will have to children's photography.

Photographing a baby or a child is a specialty. A pinch of attention, a second of imagination, a hint of gentleness and a last lightness of patience. This is the recipe of parents, and also of a good photographer. Nourishing a true passion and know-how, I blossom entirely in the world of the child, true source of inspiration.

From the little one hiding in his mommy's tummy to the older ones who gather for a family picture, I love children. Children who laugh, dream, smile for the photo, children who cry, sulk, grimace.

With discretion, I capture the first moments of life and exchange with your baby. A hug, a skin to skin, an exchange of glances, a bibi... Each moment of sharing counts. I accompany you in these magic moments to immortalize them. The love, the complicity and the family are in the honor in front of my lens.

Little balls caught with tenderness, life, photos of children on the spot ... Staging in a fairy decor, hats and funny accessories ... I open the doors of my world with a thousand colors. My desire is to realize photos strong in emotions in order to create an atmosphere which looks like you and to obtain photos which one does not forget.

The moment when the newborn is sleeping is the perfect occasion to make posed photographs, full of softness and tenderness. I bring a poetic and artistic touch to the photos of your little one.

A photo session of birth in Menton

Photographer pregnancy nice
Pregnancy photographer Nice
Photographer pregnancy nice
Pregnancy photographer Nice
Pregnancy photography Nice

Ideal moment

From two months

For babies, the ideal time to have a photo is between the first two and four months after birth. At this age, the baby begins to have more varied facial expressions and to smile. They are also more alert and curious about their environment.

He can hold his head and stand on his stomach, which offers more posing possibilities. He still looks like a newborn, with his little hands and feet, but he has gained a little weight and curves. So this is the perfect time to capture his personality and sweetness.




The newborn photo session takes place outdoors, in a natural and harmonious setting. Within a green and flowery decor, your little baby will be highlighted. And his family will be too!

Outdoor photography offers many advantages to showcase your baby and family. The softness of natural light, the contrast of colors, the diversity of backgrounds, all contribute to create unique and personalized images. You can also take advantage of the outdoor setting to relax, have fun and share bonding moments with your baby. 


If you want to customize your baby photo session and make the photo session in another place than Menton such as Monaco or Nice, please contact me to receive my brochure and a personalized quote.