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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

Photographer in Blausasc specialized in wedding photography, I have at heart to capture for you the best memories of your union. My approach to photography is very natural and alive.

You will discover by surfing on my website my vision of wedding photography, very close to a photojournalism. I attach a lot of importance to the fact that my photographs show the emotion of the moment and the original atmosphere of your wedding in Blausasc. I want to make contemporary and creative images, without interfering. The photographs will be the enchanted memory of your memorable day.

Your wedding in Blausasc

Blausac is a magical place for wedding photos. This small town in the south of France is full of charm and authenticity, making it the perfect setting to capture the most important moments of your wedding day.

Whether you are looking to capture the beautiful surrounding scenery, the cobblestone streets and ancient buildings of the city or the intimate and personal moments of your day, Blausac is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories.

I am thrilled to be able to capture the most important moments of your day in this idyllic setting. I am passionate about creating everlasting memories for my clients, and I believe that Blausac is a perfect place to do so.

Wedding photographer Blausasc

Magical wedding photography in Blausasc

I have developed many years of expertise as a wedding photographer on the French Riviera and more specifically in Blausasc. I have known the area all my life, and I am aware of the beautiful places that are singular for wedding photography.

Blausasc is full of beautiful places. Getting married in Blausasc is a remarkable choice. It is very nice to photograph important events such as weddings in this beautiful village of Blausasc.

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I try to give my visuals a freshness so that they are full of emotion. A union is a particular episode where the totality of feelings will be gathered in one day.

The day of your union starts with the enthusiasm of the final preparations, then this emulation will evolve into nervousness which will increase at a few moments to climb the square of the town hall before seeing your future husband/wife appear. Between contentment and satisfaction, it is customary to see a small tear pass on the face of the future bride and groom and their families. To finish and perfect this sublime day, the evening will be joyful and full of vitality. It is the totality of these events that gives an extraordinary magnitude to your wedding in Blausasc, that's why I want to capture the event with a sensitive approach. All these exquisite moments are essential in my photos.

With my photographic equipment, I immortalize all these irreplaceable minutes, spontaneous seconds gathered in anticipation of leaving you memories of your wedding in Blausasc. My will is simple, it is to let you enjoy your union while being reassured with the idea that the whole day will be immortalized forever.

The emotions at the heart of my photographs

Professional wedding photographer Blausasc

For your wedding, I propose a complete service. I am present from the beginning of the day until the end of the evening. I am on the lookout for every moment, ready to trigger my camera to capture all the important moments. I accompany you throughout the day, from makeup to dinner. I am here to capture every step of your wedding day.

I am a discreet photographer. I try not to be intrusive and not to disturb the guests. My goal is to let you enjoy your day without worrying about the pictures. I am here to capture the most moving and important moments without being noticed.

My job is to create memories that will last in time. The photos of your wedding will be the witnesses of your love and your history. They will be passed on from generation to generation and will be a true treasure for your family. I take pride in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I am here to accompany you on your wedding day in Blausac. My job is to capture the most important moments of your day and tell your story through my photos. I am discreet and create memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your special day.

I am convinced that emotions are at the heart of every photograph. This is why I have chosen to take a natural approach to my work. I don't try to force emotions, I simply capture them as they emerge throughout the day. This is what gives my photos an authenticity and sincerity that perfectly reflects the love and history of each couple.

Photographer Blausasc

An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is a professional artist-photographer from the Côte d'Azur who has been awarded several prizes by major international websites for the creativity of her shots and her technical expertise. You have the advantage of having by your side one of the best wedding photographers in Blausasc and the French Riviera for your big day.

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European awards

Pixedo award for landscape

Photograph of the year

French Riviera Award 2017

Let's talk about your wedding project in Blausasc

I listen to your wishes, expectations and ideas. Together, we will plan all the details to capture the most moving and important moments of your wedding day. I am confident that this collaboration will allow us to create images that will perfectly reflect your love story.

I am passionate about the documentary style of photography and believe that the most moving images are those that capture natural and genuine emotions. I am here to help you capture those moments, no matter what they are. I will be discreet during your wedding day, standing back to capture the most intimate and precious moments.

Finally, I want to assure you that I am committed to giving you the best images of your wedding day. I am always looking for new ideas to create images that perfectly reflect your love story. I pride myself on my technical skills and I am confident that my mastery of lighting and photo composition will guarantee you perfect images.

I invite you to talk to me about your wedding project in Blausac to create natural photographs that will transport you with each glance at the images. I am convinced that we can work together to create moving memories that will last a lifetime and be passed on to your children.

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