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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

Photographer in Biot specialized in the photographic report of wedding, it is very important for me to immortalize for you the most beautiful memories of this great day. My photographic approach is sensitive and artistic.

You will discover by viewing my gallery my vision of wedding photography, very close to a documentary wedding photo report. I want my shots to reflect the feelings of the moment and the original atmosphere of the day of your union in Biot. It is important to me to photograph natural and authentic images, without intervening. The photographs will be the magical memory of your great day.

Your wedding in Biot

In the heart of the French RivieraBiot is a great place to celebrate your wedding.

This is a place I really like to take wedding pictures and I'll tell you why.

First of all, Biot is located a few kilometers from Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes. It is a very pleasant place, with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The village is known for its medieval architecture and cobblestone streets, which makes it a charming place for wedding photos.

Then, I would like to tell you that I have a decade of experience in wedding photography on the French Riviera. My photography style is very natural and spontaneous, I capture unique and unforgettable moments for the bride and groom. I know very well the most photogenic places in Biot, and I can help you find the best places to take pictures.

Wedding photographer Biot

Magical wedding photography in Biot

I truly believe that Biot is an ideal location for wedding photography. The bride and groom can enjoy the view of the sea and the mountains, while taking pictures in the charming medieval village. I'm sure the photos will be beautiful and unique, and I'm here to help you capture those unforgettable moments for the rest of your life.

Your wedding photographer in Biot

Photo wedding Biot

Emotions are at the heart of my wedding photography in Biot. As a professional photographer, I strive to capture the most precious and intimate moments between the bride and groom and their loved ones. My natural approach allows me to avoid disrupting the events and capture the most authentic moments.

My professional vision is reflected in the quality of my images, which are clear, sharp and vibrant. My impeccable technical skills allow me to handle the most difficult situations, such as sudden changes in light, to produce perfect photos.

Perfect light management is one of my specialties, which I will use to highlight the most important moments of your wedding. My photo composition is always elegant and natural, without artificial settings that would distract from the emotions captured.

Finally, my documentary style of photography will capture the most important moments of your wedding, as precious memories for years to come. I will strive to capture the essence of your wedding day, with a personal touch that will forever remind you of the emotions you felt that day.

The emotions at the heart of my photographs

Professional wedding photographer Biot

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Biot, I am the perfect person to capture the most important emotions of your day. With my natural approach, my professional vision, my impeccable technical skills, my perfect light management, my unstaged photo composition, and my documentary style of photography, I am sure you will be delighted with the memories I will capture for you.

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An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is a professional photographer from the French Riviera rewarded by great magazines in vogue worldwide for the inventiveness of its photographs and its technical mastery. You are assured to have with you one of the best wedding photographers of Biot and the French Riviera for your big day.

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European awards

Pixedo award for landscape

Photograph of the year

French Riviera Award 2017

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Are you looking for a professional photographer to immortalize the most beautiful day of your life in Biot? You wish to have quality photos, original and which reflect your personality and your love? Then do not hesitate to contact me! I will be able to capture the highlights and emotions of your day, with discretion and creativity.


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