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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

Professional photographer in the hinterland of Nice specialized in wedding photojournalism, I strive to immortalize for you the most beautiful memories possible of your big day.

It is important to capture the most precious moments of your wedding day and to immortalize them through my images. My photographic approach is natural and contemporary, allowing me to offer you a unique and personalized photo reportage. I am passionate about my work and strive to capture intimate and moving moments, smiles and tears, while respecting the natural flow of your day. I am also very attentive to light and composition, to offer you elegant and artistic images that will transport you through time.

My portfolio reflects my passion for wedding photography and my perception of the art of capturing the most important moments of your life. I am sure you will discover my personal style, close to a photo essay, which breathes the emotion of the moment and the original atmosphere of your union. My photos will be the unforgettable testimony of your wedding day and that you will keep a memorable souvenir forever.

Wedding photographer Nice hinterland

Your wedding in the hinterland of Nice

The hinterland of Nice is a beautiful place, between the green valleys and the snowy mountains as in Saint-Martin Vésubie. It is here that the hundred-year-old olive trees are located, including those ofAspremontwhose fruit gives an exquisite olive oil. And it is also where the cicadas sing all summer long.

The sweetness of life in Nice is largely due to its wonderful climate - warm and sunny for most of the year. But that's not all: this small French city also offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you feel good here and in the whole metropolis Nice French Riviera! The people of Nice have a sense of style and good taste; they know how to appreciate the beauty of nature and the simple things in life. The sweetness of life can also be felt in the small villages around. Levens for example is located between sea and mountain. You can admire its church Saint-Antonin and its numerous fountains. We can also mention BlausascThe village is perched on the heights of the Paillon valley, offering a panoramic view of the Alps with old houses with colorful facades. One can also think of Saint-Martin du VarSaint-André-de-la-Roche or even in Falicon.

These small villages are places to discover for nature, history and culture lovers. They are also great places to immortalize the highlights of your life, like your wedding. The villages of the Nice hinterland are among the most beautiful places in France to celebrate a wedding. Indeed, they offer a unique and romantic atmosphere that is ideal for this type of occasion. In addition, the villagers are generally very welcoming and warm, which makes the event even more enjoyable.
Among the villages in the hinterland of Nice that you can consider choosing as a venue for your wedding are Colomars sublime perched village overlooking the Var valley, or Castagniersan authentic place full of history. Nestled in the heart of a generous nature, these villages of the Nice hinterland offer exceptional panoramas and a rich heritage, as is the case in Tourrette-Levens, Gilette or in Tales. This village on the banks of the Paillon has a rich historical and architectural heritage, with its church of Saint-Marie-Madeleine and its frescoed chapels. Each one has its own charm and personality, but all of them are perfect for a couple who wants to say "I do" in an idyllic setting. The churches are beautiful (some of them date back to the Middle Ages!).

The backcountry is an authentic place where you feel a unique atmosphere. Whether it is the village where you live or your favorite place, the beauty and authenticity of these places will shine through my images. The landscapes bucolic landscapes, fields in full bloom, old farmhouses and small cobblestone streets are all elements that will contribute to give an authentic character to your wedding photographs.
In the hinterland of Nice, there are a multitude of charming little villages like Aspremont and GattieresThis village is nestled on the banks of the Var river, at the crossroads of several valleys. You will appreciate its Provencal atmosphere and its culinary specialties based on chestnuts and figs. One can also think of La Gaude and its panoramic view on the Baou of Saint-Jeannet and the Baou des Noirs. Between sea and mountain, I will immortalize your big day in these typical places of the South. The shimmering colors of the houses contrast with the dark green of the pines, chestnut and olive trees and offer an ideal setting for your wedding photos.

Many wedding estates are located in the hinterland of Nice. I had the honor to photograph the beautiful wedding of Sam and Jeremy at Château Haute Germaine in Carros. The castle is magnificent, with its fields of olive trees in restanques which go down towards the Mediterranean Sea. The guests were accommodated in the castle and were able to fully enjoy the place during the whole weekend.

Wedding photographer Nice hinterland

Magical wedding photographs in the valleys around Nice

The hinterland of Nice is a magical place, where nature blends with history and culture. The French Riviera is a magical place where mountains meet the sea and where peaceful villages coexist with lively cities. 

In my approach to wedding photography, I am always looking for unique and inspiring locations. The hinterland of Nice offers a variety of incredible landscapes, from green hills to steep cliffs, dense forests and bright valleys. Each location is unique and offers a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos.

The villages in the hinterland of Nice are charming and authentic. They are filled with centuries-old stone buildings, cobblestone streets and lively squares. Weddings in these villages are often intimate and timeless, and I am always amazed by the romantic atmosphere. I am always excited to capture the most important moments of my clients' lives in a place as beautiful as the hinterland of Nice. 

Your wedding photographer in the hinterland of Nice

Photo wedding hinterland Nice

My goal is to tell your story through photos that will be memories forever of your wedding in the hinterland of Nice.

During your wedding, I will accompany you throughout the day to capture all the moments that retrace your day. Whether it is the preparations, the ceremony, the cocktail, the dinner and the dance, I am there for you. I am discreet and I take pictures in a natural way to capture the emotions and the most authentic moments.

I offer you a complete service for your wedding. I take care of the shooting, the image processing, the delivery of the photos and I also offer you options of prints and photo albums so that you can keep the memories of your wedding forever.

I understand that weddings are emotional and stressful days, so I do my best to help you relax and enjoy every moment. I accompany you through the day and make sure to capture all the most important and emotional moments so that you can relive them again through the photos.

My goal is to create memories that will last over time and be passed down in your family for generations to come. I am passionate about my work and am always honored to be a part of your wedding day. I put all my knowledge and experience at your disposal so that you can have quality photos that will forever remind you of the most important moments of your life.

The emotions at the heart of my photographs

Professional wedding photographer Nice hinterland

Weddings are moments filled with strong emotions, such as joy, excitement, nervousness, sadness and love. It is a unique and unforgettable day for the bride and groom and their family, and the emotions felt at that moment can be captured forever through photography. Wedding photos capture not only the key moments, but also the looks, smiles, tears and emotions that are so often forgotten over time.

Wedding photos allow us to relive these magical moments year after year, to share them with future generations and to keep them forever. Emotions are the personal touch that makes each wedding unique, and immortalizing these emotions in photos is therefore extremely important.

Photographer Nice hinterland

An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is an award-winning artist from Menton, France, who has been recognized by leading brands in Europe for the quality of her photographs and her technical expertise. You have the confidence of having by your side one of the best wedding photographers of the Nice hinterland and the French Riviera for your big day.

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French Riviera Award 2017

Let's talk about your wedding project in the hinterland of Nice

I am a passionate wedding photographer and I specialize in weddings in the hinterland of Nice. I believe that weddings are days filled with emotions and unique moments that I want to capture for you. I am looking for couples who are looking for natural and authentic wedding photos, and I would be happy to discuss your wedding project with you.

When I work with couples, I take the time to get to know them and understand their vision for their wedding. I am here to help you plan your day and am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

I am unobtrusive and shoot naturally to capture the most authentic emotions and moments. I strive to create images that tell your story and capture the essence of your wedding day. I believe that wedding photos are more than just an image, they are a testament to your love and commitment to each other.

If you are looking for a passionate and dedicated wedding photographer for your wedding in the Nice hinterland, I invite you to contact me to discuss your project. I am confident that we can work together to create unique and memorable wedding photos that will forever remind you of the most important moments of your life.

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