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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

Professional photographer in Hyères experienced in wedding photography, it is very important for me to capture for you the best moments of the most beautiful day of your life. My photographic approach is contemporary and artistic.

You will discover by consulting my gallery my conception of wedding photography, very close to a photoreportage. I want my photographs to show the feelings of the moment and the natural atmosphere of the day in Hyères. I strive to capture artistic and creative images, while being discreet. The pictures will be the magical memory of your wedding.

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Hyères is a precious location for wedding photos, Hyères is a location where I enjoy capturing weddings.

Wedding photographer hyères

Magical wedding photographs in Hyères

I have acquired many years of experience as a wedding photographer in Hyères, I follow you along the most beautiful day of your life with my competence and my inspiration. I visit the department frequently. I know some nice locations that are great for wedding photography.

hyères abounds in many delicious settings. It is an authentic trump card to get married in hyères and a magnificent decision. It is very evocative for me, wedding photographer in hyères, to realize your pleasant big day in this particular place.

The superb distinctive contexts of the Alpes-Maritimes department make Hyères one of the most sublime sites in anticipation of immortalizing your wedding.

Your wedding photographer in Hyères

Photo wedding hyères

I try to bring sincerity to my visuals so that they are full of emotion. A union is an unparalleled occasion where all the tenderness will be concentrated in an unprecedented day.

Your day begins with the momentum of the final preparations, then this fervor will progress into elation and frenzy that will grow for a moment before rushing to the town hall before seeing your future spouse. When you join your partner, you will be infatuated once again. Between admiration and relief, it is not unusual to see a little tear on the head of the future bride and groom and their entourage. To conclude, the reception will turn into a breath of euphoria. It is the whole of these ebullitions which provides an irreplaceable stature to your wedding in Hyères, therefore it is very important for me to capture the event by a natural and contemporary step. The entirety of these splendid emotions is essential in my photographs.

Thanks to my camera, I seize these rare emotions, spontaneous seconds pinned to leave you a timeless impression of your wedding in Hyères. My goal is obvious, it is to allow you to live quietly of your union by being aware that all these emotions apart will be seized.

The emotions at the heart of my photographs

Professional wedding photographer hyères

At the time of your union in Hyères, I am on the lookout for the tender seconds so that, later, you will enter in possession of memories of your big day. I produce photographs that tell the story of the understanding between you and your close circle along the day of your union. A wedding is one of the rare occurrences where your entourage will be united in hyeres to feast around a union. I like to realize on the moment, as the day goes by, the unusual seconds of affection between the spouses and their tribes; between the partners and their friendly relations. Around my camera, I witness your romance and similarly, the saga of your clan.

Witnesses of this great day, the shots of these moments will reside in your family for several generations. The sublime traces of your wedding will exist forever as your wedding photos in Hyères. They will accompany you in the sumptuous memory of your big day. They will tell your children the story of your couple.

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An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is a photographer from the French Riviera winner of prestigious magazines popular in Europe for the quality of its photos and its technical qualities. You are sure to enjoy one of the best wedding photographers of Hyères and the French Riviera for your big day.

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European awards

Pixedo award for landscape

Photograph of the year

French Riviera Award 2017

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I entrust modern and artistic wedding visuals. I want to give my photographs an unparalleled stature that will enhance your special day. I encourage you to exchange so that we can make your perfect wedding photography reportage of your wedding in Hyères. It would be a pleasure to be called upon to capture the incomparable moments of your wedding.


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