Photographer for animals

In Menton, Nice and the Alpes-Maritimes

Animals share our lives, our daily life. Always happy to see us, they fill us with happiness. Through my lens, I transcribe and highlight the bond of complicity between the master and his pet. Each relationship is unique.

My goal is to leave a precious memory of the little one that matters in your life. I capture and show the special place your furry friend has in your life and in your family.

I try to make photos that bring out the personality of your pet by immortalizing its expressions, the tenderness and complicity between you.

Cody and Me

On November 9, 2013, a little ball of fur came into my life. My Cody! I didn't know it yet, but his arrival will change my life and my career as a photographer. Very quickly, it became obvious: I had to combine my passion for photography and my love for animals by becoming a photographer for animals.

A large part of my universe revolves around animals, whether it is in my free time that I spend with Cody (I am also lucky enough to be the godmother of a beautiful pig rescued from a farm); in my plate where all animals have been banned from my diet for a long time; in my commitments, my convictions and my fights, which are for the rights, the protection and the welfare of animals. It is very important for me to help animals as much as possible, and if you are a shelter or an association of animal protection, do not hesitate to contact me contact.

Animal photography allows me to express my sensitivity and to offer memories of complicit moments. Through photography, I meet and discover different animals with unique stories. So, depending on the day, I can put on my dog photographer hat, or my cat photographer hat, my pig photographer hat, my donkey photographer hat, and many others. With a deep respect for all animals, I capture the emotion and character that define your dog, cat, pig, horse, donkey, iguana, sheep, hamster...

The bond between an animal and its family is one of the most honest and pure expressions of love there is.

I enjoy capturing magical images, made according to the temperament of an animal. I don't try to create a particular staging, my goal is to photograph an animal in a style that reflects its personality, its character. I organize my photo sessions so that they take place in a calm and stress-free environment. I imagine a soothing atmosphere, a pleasant comfort, to show the unique character of the animal in a natural and authentic way.

I like to share these moments of complicity between an animal and its owner and to discover the precious bond that has been woven between them. Our pets are like members of our family. I like to think that like Cody, your pet is your whole world. They forever leave paw prints in our hearts. Because our pets are our family, they deserve to be pampered for a photo shoot so that their lives can be captured, immortalized, celebrated, honored.

I am inspired by the bond between you and your pet to create authentic photos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

A photo session with your pet

For whom

All animals

All animals are concerned by a photo session as long as they share your life: dogs, cats, horses, NAC, pigs... I am ready for all challenges!

My pet is a bit stubborn

This is not a problem. Cody has already proven to be very stubborn! We will adapt the location to his character. For an outdoor session, we will choose an enclosed and quiet place, so he can be free to move around safely. With patience and gentleness, the session will go perfectly.

A photo session for all companions

Your little star will be pampered. The well-being of your pet is essential, that's why I adapt to its character. Fearful or crazy, each animal will have a session where the key words will be gentleness, patience, know-how and good mood.

Course of action

A photo session at your image

We will take the time to determine together the type of photos that makes you dream and the ideal place. We will evolve at the pace of your pet throughout the photo session. The shooting adapts to the needs and temperament of your companion so that it is with its image. Your family (2 and 4 legs) is welcome to mingle with your pet's photo session.

Outside, in Menton

During a walk, a game and a cuddle, I capture dynamic and spontaneous photos. It is a moment of sharing that will show your pet in its natural state. It is also an opportunity to take pictures of your pet with a beautiful landscape in the background. Between perched villages, sea and mountain, we are spoiled at this level on the French Riviera. We are spoilt for choice.



During a pet photo shoot, my goal is simple: to make your pet a star. I will capture the unique personality of your pet to give you memories to cherish for a lifetime. Through my authentic and natural approach to photography, I will reveal the complicity between you and your pet in images. Thus, I will highlight the precious bond that unites you while making you spend a pleasant moment in front of my lens.

An outdoor photo session

I offer outdoor photo sessions lasting about an hour in order to put your pet at ease for a fun photo session with a soft and natural light.

If you are interested in a photo session with your pet in Menton, I invite you to book directly. I will be happy to offer you beautiful images of your pet. Because they are members of your family, they are part of your story. Their stories deserve to be told.

If you want to customize your photo session for your pet and make the photo session in another place than Menton such as Monaco or Nice, please contact me to receive my brochure and a personalized quote.