Pregnancy photographer

In Menton, Monaco, Nice and in the Alpes-Maritimes

Your little one is about to be born! Congratulations on your future happy event. Your baby is hiding in your beautiful round belly. A new story will be created...

In order to immortalize this beautiful moment, I capture a magical parenthesis, your pregnancy, this moment of life that tells a piece of your story. A time apart where we can linger on the love of this baby in the making at your home or outside.

Waiting for Baby

The arrival of your baby is overdue. You are impatient and wait with a lot of enthusiasm for his arrival in the world. Take advantage of it to give yourself a sweet break and do a pregnancy photo session. Maternity is a magical moment to live. Ephemeral moment, I propose to keep photographic memories of your little one which grows in your belly before pointing the end of its nose.

With your partner and the future brothers and sisters of your baby, make beautiful memories of your maternity. Pregnancy photography sessions are done around the 7th month, when your belly is well rounded. Become a star in front of the camera to give your baby a wonderful memory. When he will be older, he will be delighted to discover quality photographs of his pregnant mother.

Unique memories of your pregnancy

Photographer pregnancy nice
Pregnancy photographer Nice
Pregnancy photography Nice

If you are pregnant and want to take outdoor pictures at MentonI will be happy to offer you my photography services. A professional photographer will know how to capture the magic of this special moment and help you create a priceless memory for your family.

There is something magical about capturing the love and beauty of a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life and it is important to document this journey with photos. Pregnant women are often in tune with nature and themselves, and they have an aura of serenity and calm. That's why I love photographing pregnant women. I try to capture their natural, inner beauty and make my photos reflect their state of mind. I love capturing this beauty during pregnancy through my lens, and I love working with pregnant women to create unique and moving images.

Soft, natural light is ideal for enhancing pregnancy photographs. It allows to highlight the physical changes that the woman's body goes through during this period and to capture the beauty of these changes.

A pregnancy photo session

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The perfect time

Around the 7th month

The ideal session is between the 7th and 8th month. In the 7th month, your belly is well rounded, the curves are harmonious. After the 8th month, you have less mobility and fatigue is felt.

The place

At home, outdoors

The photo session can take place at your home, transformed for the occasion into a real photographic studio or outside. We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a department with multiple landscapes. Add to that the always pleasant temperatures and the almost omnipresent sun, you will get the ideal mix for outdoor photography. In nature, in the mountains or by the sea, you just have to choose your dream location.

With whom

In the family

A pregnancy photo session is a special moment where you are the star. Come with your spouse and baby's elders: it's the perfect opportunity to take beautiful family portraits.