Baptism photographer

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The celebration of your child's baptism is an important event in his/her life and in yours. For this exceptional day, your family and friends will surround you. The arrival of your child in religious life is a privileged and unique moment.

I realize the photographic report of the baptism of your child to immortalize this day. The emotions and the strong moments are in the heart of my work. By a natural approach, I capture the authentic moments of the baptism.

Immortalize the event

The ceremony is traditionally celebrated very early after the birth of your little one. Indeed, it is common to baptize a baby a few weeks after its arrival in the world. In order to immortalize this unique day, I realize a photographic report of the day of baptism. Your child will be delighted to discover this day which marked its life by pretty photographs.

The christening is also a privileged moment where your family is reunited. It is the perfect occasion to take beautiful pictures of your reunion and to create timeless memories.

Your child's baptism photos are a reminder of this rite of passage into religious life.
Professional christening photographer, I cover this beautiful day in Menton, in Nice or in the Alpes-Maritimes.

I capture every moment of the ceremony: the water poured on the child's forehead, the Holy Chrism, the light of the candle that will be lit and the signatures on the register by the godmother and godfather. I also take pictures of your family present in the church building.

The photo report of the baptism


The entrance into religious life is a precious and important moment. I capture all the highlights of the religious ceremony. You will keep unforgettable memories of this exceptional event.


As this event is an important family moment, I take group photographs around your child in front of the church or a place of your choice. Throughout the day, you will get great quality family portraits.


I can accompany you during the whole day and also during the dinner. This moment of celebration and exchange with your family and friends allows me to realize images full of emotions and sharing.


Baptisms in pictures