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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

Authenticity and sincerity define my artistic style and make my photographic work unique. Each of my photographs seeks to communicate emotion. Curious at heart, I love to discover new places and new stories. Photography is present in every moment of my life, in every outing, every encounter. My photographic approach is omnipresent, when exploring new places or during weddings where I try to capture natural and spontaneous scenes of life.

An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is a French photographic artist who has received numerous awards from prestigious European magazines for the creativity of her images and her technical mastery. She draws her inspiration from a multitude of small everyday things, be it a subtle breakthrough of natural light, ephemeral human interactions, a trip or a landscape at the blue hour. She is looking for a balance between a pleasant visual, a dynamic composition and a will to trigger an emotion. Her universe is articulated around a photographic approach as beautiful as authentic. She has the talent to see what others do not. With Laurie, you are assured of having by your side one of the best wedding photographers in the French Riviera for the most beautiful day of your life.

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Wedding at the Château de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze

Wedding at the Château de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze

The couple chose La Chèvre d'Or, one of the most beautiful luxury hotels on the French Riviera, as the venue for their reception. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Eze and has a renowned gourmet restaurant. What made this wedding truly exceptional was the diversity of the guests. Indeed, Silvi and Alexis invited people of all origins and cultures. This made for a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Provencal wedding in Opio

Provencal wedding in Opio

It is in the heart of a magnificent Provencal farmhouse that Jade and Thomas have decided to join together for life. Nestled in the heart of the town of Opio, Le Pré l'évêque is a beautiful period home, surrounded by a vast garden. I present you a new article to look back on the beautiful day of June 2, 2018.

Marine + Nicolas

Wedding at the Château du Font du Broc

I wanted to wait to take the time to write this message, because I was not able to find the words to thank you. Laurie, we are really overwhelmed by the photos. Our wedding photos are beautiful, we love every shot. I love the way you captured all the moments, and I would have missed many without you! You made us feel so comfortable and easily mingled with our guests. It's kind of like you are part of the family now. When I look at the pictures, I'm glad I listened to my heart and trusted you. We will never forget you. Thank you so much.

Joy + Florian

Wedding at the Lago Bin estate

We can't tell you how grateful we are. The pictures are just amazing. We spend our evenings seeing them over and over again. We have been following you on social media for several years and it was a natural choice for us to choose you as our wedding photographer. I don't know a single person on the French Riviera who hasn't already seen one of your landscape photos. It was a great pride to have you with us for our wedding! What a relief when we knew you were still available on our date! We were reassured to have you with us, we were able to enjoy our wedding serenely and live the day to the fullest. Joy joins me in thanking you again for your beautiful work.

My approach, my vision, my photographic style

A natural approach

Each photographer has his own sensitivity. Each one has a different approach to the way they will photograph your wedding day, a unique vision. Like any art, photography is unique to the person behind the lens. My work focuses on capturing authentic moments to create images that are as beautiful as they are natural. Your memories become more precious with time and your wedding photographs will be the only way to transport you back to this beautiful day. During my wedding photography, I make sure to capture the energy and the atmosphere of the day. I immortalize the details and emotions, the laughter and tears. I focus on capturing the emotion, the excitement and the love. I tell your story in pictures with all the little things that make your day unique.

A professional vision

For me, a good photograph is the result of the assembly of 3 elements: an irreproachable technical mastery, a perfect management of the light and a pleasant composition. When all of these elements come together at the right time, you are looking at a good photograph. To see an exceptional photograph, these 3 key elements are missing the ability of an image to instill emotions and feelings in its reader. When everything is gathered at the right time, you will admire a magical photograph. My approach to wedding photography is expressed through this constant search for magic.

A documentary style of photography

Human interaction is at the heart of my wedding photography. My photos tell the story of your love, of your wedding. It is important to me that photography does not interfere in your exchanges, that is why I am so discreet during your wedding and do not script your day. My goal is to totally immerse myself in your day, to mingle with your guests, to ensure that the photos I take are true to the story of your wedding. My photographic style is documentary, authentic, natural and contemporary, focusing on the story of your day, from the preparations to the wedding reception. My greatest compliment is hearing from bridal couples that they are amazed at the moments I was able to capture when they weren't even aware I was there.

A complete service for your wedding

Photo report of the whole day

To guarantee you a documentary photographic report of quality, I ensure the complete coverage of your wedding with shots from the preparations to the wine of honor - even until the end of the night if you wish. I stay close to the action with discretion. I keep my eyes and ears open throughout the day to capture the precious moments of your wedding. I immortalize the outpouring of joy, the emotion and tears of the parents, the laughter at a good joke and the unexpected displays of affection. Every moment that makes your wedding unique will be immortalized to give you an intense photographic account of your day.

Editing and post-processing

After capturing the precious moments of the wedding, the work of a professional photographer also consists in sublimating the images. When the photographs come out of the camera, they are in "raw" format. It is then necessary to adjust the luminosity, the contrasts, to transform images in black and white and to refine the story of your wedding day. With the post-processing, I bring the final touch to the photo report. No artist would want to show you an unfinished work, just as an author would not show you the draft of his future book. The same goes for a professional photographer.

After booking your photo reportage

Once you have booked your wedding photography, I remain at your disposal at any time to answer your questions about the organization of your day. Each wedding is different. Each couple is unique. To realize a quality photo reportage, it is essential for me to get to know you and to understand your relationship as well as your links with the guests.

On your wedding day, I aim to immerse myself discreetly in your world to offer you an authentic and natural photo reportage. In order to leave no detail to chance, I have created an online wedding preparation questionnaire so that you can give me all the latest information about your day. So, a few days before your wedding, I will be aware of all the important details of your wedding.

The day


Make-up, hairstyle, clothing, I accompany you throughout the preparation of your wedding. Unique moment where stress and excitement are mixed, I capture your expressions and I try to transcribe your moments of complicity with your family and witnesses in all discretion. I will immortalize the images of your beauty to make these unique hours a magical memory.


City Hall, Church, secular ceremony: The wedding rings, the kiss, the signatures, the tears of joy, the pride of the parents, the joy of the guests; the most beautiful emotions of your wedding will be present. I will be ready to photograph the great moments and all the unusual moments of your wedding. On the spot, I capture the natural and the emotions. I will remain the most discreet while remaining close to the action to transcribe your fabulous day.


A festive moment of sharing with your friends and family, I capture the vibrant atmosphere of the day. I will also focus on photographing the details of your wedding reception hall.

Family photos

My photographic coverage is very natural and spontaneous, however, I am happy to set aside some time to make the photographs you want with your family.

The reception of your wedding photos

Number of photographs

I am often asked "how many pictures of my wedding will I get?" This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many parameters to take into account. Each wedding is unique, as much by the duration of the event as by the number of guests invited. For your information, I guarantee a minimum of 600 photos for a full-day wedding photo shoot. I do not limit the number of photos taken and provided. It is unthinkable for me to stop capturing the magic moments of your day when a threshold is reached.

Format of the photographs

The photographs of your wedding will be transmitted without watermark on a pretty wooden USB key in a personalized box. I also create an online gallery with your wedding photos. It is password protected and will allow you to easily share the images with your family and friends. All the photographs transmitted will be retouched one by one and in high definition.

Deadline for receipt of photographs

My work does not stop at the shooting of your wedding day. It continues in my office, with the transfer of the photographs on my computer, then with the sorting, the edition and the post-processing of your photographs. I apply myself to sublimate the photographs of your wedding with meticulousness and precision during at least 30 hours of post-processing. You will receive the link to the gallery of your wedding once all your photos are edited, then the personalized box with your USB key.

Presence of a second photographer

It is quite possible to have two photographers at your wedding. I can propose the presence of a second talented photographer at my side. He has an approach of photography close to mine of constant research to capture the authentic and natural moments of the wedding. Your wedding will be covered by two different visions, two different sensibilities to offer you a unique photo report. After several photo reports on big weddings with this photographer, I recommend him with my eyes closed. A real artistic complicity has been established between us, which allows us not to get in the way during the shooting and brings us an additional freedom to offer different and original shots.

Your photographer on the French Riviera and in Provence...

I realize photo reports of weddings in the Alpes-Maritimes, my place of residence. The French Riviera is full of beautiful places in land and sea, between mountains and seaside resorts. I immortalize your wedding in ideal places like Nice and its famous Promenade des Anglais, Cannes and its famous Croisette or to Menton for its picturesque charm and its sweetness of life among the lemons.

I also capture the photographs of your glamorous and luxurious wedding at Monaco, in more poetic and artistic places like Antibes and its Fort Carré or even Grasse, the capital of perfume.

I travel the department along the coastline of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin to Mandelieu-la-Napoule through the beautiful town of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, without forgetting the beautiful city ofEze and its perched village, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and its lovely marina or Cagnes-sur-Mer, Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Villeneuve-Loubet and not forgetting theNice hinterland.

... And in all France and in the whole world

I have received numerous international awards and prizes which allow me to accompany future brides and grooms in exotic destinations all over the world.

I accompany you, whatever the place of your union in all France and in the whole world.