Professional photographer in Menton & French Riviera

Welcome, I am

Laurie Cornillon

1993, Nice, France

A passionate photographer...

Through an artistic approach, I share with you my passion, my universe: photography.

Living from my passion, a dream for many, an extraordinary opportunity for me. This great privilege, I wish to share it with you to offer you my expert eye. Professional photographer, I am based on the French RivieraI also travel around France and the world in search of new places to photograph and stories to immortalize. I also travel all over France and the world, looking for new places to photograph and stories to immortalize. 

Artist photographer

Equipped with a great imagination and a lot of creativity since my childhood, I carried out an artistic formation in preparatory class of Arts then in the Villa Arson, the national School of the Fine arts of the city of Nice. During my studies, I developed my creativity and sharpened my artistic eye. My universe is found in my photographs and makes them unique. I bring to each of my pictures my personal look and my universe. You will discover my artistic reflection in each of my photographs.

Photography is my medium of expression. Beyond the aestheticism of the image, each of my photographs results from an artistic approach, from a research on the light and from a work on the perception. The creation of my photographs comes from different axes of reflections around the diffusion of light and its radiation. An artistic reflection centered on the perception of contrasts and colors.

A photographer specialized in wedding reportage


Storyteller, I propose to tell the story of your unique and precious day that is your wedding. The smallest detail has its importance, that's why I try to find these moments of emotions, joys and loves which will sublimate your wedding day.


From the preparations to the cake, I will follow you in all discretion. My presence will not be perceptible. I will blend in with your surroundings to capture the atmosphere of your wedding and retranscribe the mood. A real image hunter, I will be on the lookout for moments full of magic.


With an expert eye, I strive to capture your story with passion and professionalism. Through my cameras, I capture sensitive images to engrave your memories in your mind. My photographs will be the witness of your love!

A multi-awarded photographer

I am honored to have received several awards for my work. Major European magazines have distinguished the creativity of my images as well as my artistic approach. My vision of photography is based on a perfect technical mastery, a nice composition and a good management of light. In addition to this technical approach to photography, I want to capture the energy and the mood of the moment. My photographs are meant to evoke emotions in the people who look at them. For me, a successful photograph is one that appeals.