How many pictures on average are taken by a wedding photographer?

The number of photos that photographers take during a wedding is a frequently asked question. This information is easily found on the internet, but it does not correspond to the reality for all photographers. Indeed, each professional has his own approach and his personal style that influences the number of photos taken during the event.

A photographer makes on average 400 to 600 shotsThis number varies depending on the style and duration of the wedding. It is therefore impossible to determine how many pictures will be taken by a photographer in function of time that will have been allocated to him to carry out his work.

Why does the number of photos vary between weddings?

To better understand, here are some parameters to consider:

- The average number of photos taken by photographers is variable, as it depends on its photographic style. For example, if the photographer has a certain type of lens or a particular choice in terms of focal lengths ;

- The number of guests present at your wedding. Some people celebrate their wedding in small groups, surrounded only by the people closest to them. There will be less people to photograph, and less photography compared to a wedding with 120 guests.

- The availability of guests to participate in the photos can also influence the number of shots that will be taken by the photographer.

- The duration of the event is another essential element to take into account. A professional photographer will not take the same number of pictures if he stays 6 hours or 10 hours at your wedding.

- The course of the dayThe number of ceremonies, the different activities proposed during the cocktail party as well as the number of interventions or surprises made by your loved ones during the evening are many parameters that influence the number of photographs.

If you already have an idea of the style you want for your wedding, the photographer who will realize the photo report of the event will be able to estimate how much of photographs he can take. Do not hesitate to ask him about this.

How many photos will I take at a wedding?


There is no limit.

The number of photos shots can vary greatly depending on the conditions of your wedding, such as the weather or even if you have an outdoor or indoor ceremony. Each couple has their own unique story that needs to be captured in photos from the beginning (the moment they see each other) to the end - including those moments when guests dance so hard their feet hurt before slipping into the cool night air as the waves crash against the shoreline rocks and all of these conditions make the number is never the same.

"Quality rather than quantity" ? It seems like a pretty simple principle for creating great memories! You want every photo that ends up in an album or on Facebook and Instagram to be a photo worth looking at with joy; after all, it will probably stay in your album forever.

The best wedding photographers are able to to capture and document the great moments and the little details in a way that will still be appreciated years later.

Anyone can take a picture. But to really capture the emotion and personality of your subjects, it takes time and practice. That's why many couples use photographers who are experts in their field. For example, 100 quality photos are worth much more than 1500 photos taken by a less competent photographer who favors quantity over quality.

Quality over quantity when it comes to preserving the memories of a special day, and this is what differentiates an ordinary photographer from a skilled professional who has perfected his art over many years.

On average, I deliver at least 600 photographs for your wedding and often more, I invite you to consult my gallery to see the photographic style I offer and to contact me to talk together about your beautiful wedding day.