Baptism & Communion photographer

In Antibes, Cannes and the Alpes-Maritimes

Your child's baptism celebration is a milestone for your family. It is a special day where you can celebrate your little treasure's arrival in religious life surrounded by your closest family and friends. Baptism is a unique and precious sacrament that should be celebrated with elegance and dignity.

I immortalize the most important moments of this exceptional day in all discretion. I understand the importance of this event and I strive to capture the most precious moments and the deepest emotions.

I take a natural approach to photographing your child's baptism and communion. I am attentive to the authentic moments and the strong moments of the ceremony, in order to offer you photos that reflect the depth of the event and the emotions experienced that day.

Immortalize the baptism & communion

The civil baptism is a crucial moment in a child's life, as it is here that the child officially receives a godparent. These carefully chosen people will be role models and sources of support for the child throughout his or her life.

With my expertise in composition and lighting, I am able to create images that capture the emotion and intensity of the ceremony. I know that these photos will be treasured by you and your family, allowing you to relive this memorable day for years to come.

The ceremony is often followed by a festive reception or a family meal. Photos taken at this event can immortalize not only the ceremony, but also the moments of sharing and celebration with loved ones. Keeping these memories forever will remind you of the importance of this day and the people who participated in it.

Religious baptism symbolizes the spiritual birth of a child and its introduction into the religious community. I am aware of the importance of every moment of a baptism ceremony.

I make sure to capture every significant detail in photographs, from the holy water poured on the child's forehead to the light of the symbolic candle that will be lit. I also pay attention to the presence of the godmother and godfather who sign the religious register, as well as the family who are gathered in the church building to celebrate this special event.

My goal is to capture every important moment of the ceremony, so that you can remember this day forever. I am aware of the importance of this event for you and your family, and I am determined to provide the highest quality photos to immortalize this special day in Cannes.

The photo report of the baptism & communion


The entry into religious life is a sacrament of great importance. I am at your side to immortalize each key moment of this religious ceremony. You will keep precious memories of this unique and memorable event forever.


The christening is a moment of family gathering, offering the opportunity to take memorable pictures of all the family members together. I capture group photos in front of the town hall for the civil ceremony, in front of the church for the religious ceremony, or in the reception area or at a location of your choice. We will take this opportunity to capture these precious moments with your loved ones.


 I can also cover the whole day of the christening, the moments of celebration and exchange with your family. The meal, often accompanied by a careful decoration, is a key moment of the day, and I will make photos of it to allow you to keep these memories forever.


Baptisms in pictures

An important sacrament

As a professional christening photographer, I am proud to cover this beautiful day for families in Antibes, Vence, Mouans-Sartoux and or Grasse. With my passion for photography and expertise in religious ceremonies, I am determined to provide exceptional images that capture the beauty and emotion of this special day.

I understand the importance of this event for families and make sure to capture every key moment of the ceremony, from the actual christening to the reception that follows. Using my talent for composition and my eye for detail, I am able to create images that reflect the beauty and spirituality of this day in the Alpes-Maritimes.

I am thrilled to work with many families in beautiful towns on the French Riviera, whether it be Villeneuve-Loubet or Juan-les-pins. My goal is to provide photos that will be treasured for years to come, memories that families can share with generations to come.


My goal is to capture every key moment of this important event and to provide you with quality photos so that you can keep these precious memories forever. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help you capture your big day. I look forward to working with you to create lasting memories.