Civil wedding photographer

Whether it is simple or grandiose, the civil ceremony is always charged with emotion. This step of a wedding day allows the transformation of an engaged couple into spouses. It is often the first act that formalizes the union and gives the bride and groom the right to a beautiful celebration at the town hall.

Wedding photographers have a magic wand: they can showcase any setting, even if the town hall is not very pretty. To do this, they play with the lights, with the depth of field. They are able to adapt their technical tools to any situation without changing the final result.

So, even if your town hall is not beautiful, it will be enough to choose a professional photographer who will know adapting one's work to the place and the event.

How a wedding ceremony takes place at the town hall


Entrance of the bride On the arm of her father, the bride enters the town hall, under the tearful eye of her future husband who discovers her in her beautiful wedding dress. It is a magic moment to immortalize.

The reception Once arrived, the bride and groom are welcomed by the Mayor who will proceed to the official registration of the couple (and the administrative formalities).

Reading of official texts The Mayor will read the official texts, followed by the bride's and groom's vows and consents. The Mayor will then ask the bride and groom if they wish to take the person next to them as their spouse and the bride and groom will kiss.

Exchange of alliances: The spouses will then pass the ring on the finger of their half.

Signatures: The Mayor will then give his blessing to the bride and groom before the witnesses come to sign the civil marriage register. The witnesses will then sign the marriage registers and stand up to make room for the bride and groom to sign. The Mayor will then take his leave and wish our newlyweds happiness.

Exit from City Hall: The inevitable moment of joy and frenzy, "Long live the bride and groom!

Photographing a civil ceremony


It is always an honor to be invited to participate in such a special occasion. The most important thing is to take all official photosbut it is also important to capture spontaneous photographs. You'll need it when you look back on this day years from now and remember how beautiful everything was...

The bride and groom are standing in front of the mayor, looking into each other's eyes, smiling and enjoying the moment. They have just come fromexchange greetings to spend the rest of their lives together with a sign that says "I do". The photographer strives to capture every detail of this special day so that it will never be forgotten.

During this special moment, the first strong feelings can take shape - whether they are yours or those of the guests present. It is these emotions that the wedding photographer's mission is to capture.

There are many emotions that can be felt on this day, and your photographer is there to immortalize them through photos that will remain unforgettable.

The civil wedding is a ritual that formalizes your union and marks the official beginning of your life together. From the bride's entrance to the exchange of rings, to the first kiss of the newlyweds, all the important moments will be captured.


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The importance of choosing the right photographer for a civil ceremony

It is very important to choose your photographer for a civil ceremony. Indeed, the civil ceremony is an unforgettable moment and a ritual of passage. The wedding photographer has a mission in this case because he must capture strong and intense emotions in a closed environment. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

The experience of the wedding photographer It is important to choose an experienced photographer and not a beginner or amateur photographer. A experienced photographer will know well capture the emotions of the guests and the bride in the moment. Thanks to his experience, a professional photographer will not miss any moment. He will conne by heart the course of a civil ceremonye and will not fail to capture all the important moments of the ceremony. You can trust himHe will capture the magic of each moment.

The quality of his photographic work It is essential that you choose a photographer who is recognized for his professionalism in this field otherwise it will be difficult to have quality photographs. Photographing weddings is very complex and he must be used to wedding photo shooting and be able to manage a technically complex situation.

His photographic style It is very important that you choose a photographer who matches your desires in terms of photographic style. Some photographers prefer posed portraits while others will prefer photos taken on the spot to capture the mood of the moment. Photographers who are used to shooting on the fly will be able to react and change their settings very quickly which is an advantage for a civil ceremony.

Professional wedding photographer Antibes

 This is your day, and you deserve an experienced civil wedding photographer to suit the unique ambiance of your event. With years of experience photographing weddings at City Hall, I know how important this setting is to many couples and I am used to capturing these moments in an exceptional way. Contact me today so we can discuss the best day of your life.