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Contemporary photographer in Vallauris, expert in wedding photography, it is very important for me to capture for you the greatest memories of this great day. My photographic vision is modern and creative.

You will discover by viewing my gallery my vision of wedding photography, very close to a documentary wedding photo report. I have at heart that in my images reflect the excitement of the moment and the natural atmosphere of the day of your union in Vallauris. I am particularly concerned to realize natural and authentic photos, while being discrete. The images will be the timeless memory of your big day.

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With its sublime panorama on the Bay of CannesLocated in the heart of the French Riviera, between the islands of Lérins and Golfe-Juan, the city of Vallauris is one of the jewels of the French Riviera. In addition to these beautiful landscapes, Vallauris is also the capital of ceramics. City of art and clay, the city has the strong imprint of the passage of Pablo Picasso. It is here that he made his famous work "War and Peace".

Wedding photographer Vallauris

Sublime wedding photographs in Vallauris

Celebrating your wedding in Vallauris is an incredible opportunity. The city of Vallauris is the perfect place to realize a photographic report of marriage of great quality. With its sublime panorama on the whole bay of Cannes and Golfe Juan, Vallauris is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate your wedding. We will be able to capture photographs of your wedding day in the old Vallauris, a place of tradition and culture of clay. The old town is built in a checkerboard pattern, according to the plans of Lascaris. It offers all the charm of the Provence : colorful facades, small cobbled streets, artists' stores and local craftsmen.

So many assets to realize magnificent wedding photographs in a unique setting. In a bucolic atmosphere, we can also realize wedding photographs in the Park of Paradou, with its marvelous panorama or in the Park of Valmasque.

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I make every effort to bring authenticity to my visuals so that they are filled with emotion. A wedding is a special time when all the tenderness will be gathered in a single day.

Your wedding day starts with the excitement of the preparations, then this excitement will turn into stress and tension as you walk down the aisle to the wedding hall before your future husband/wife appears. As you watch your future husband/wife, you will become infatuated again. Between adoration and satisfaction, there is often the possibility of seeing a small tear on the portrait of the bride and groom and their families. Finally, the celebration will turn into an explosion of happiness. It is the totality of these sensitivities which brings an inimitable fabric to your wedding in Vallauris, it is in this honor that I am particularly concerned to carry out a sensitive photo report. The addition of these happy moments is inescapable in my photographs.

Close to my professional equipment, I photograph all these unequalled minutes, authentic moments subtilised in order to lavish you with enchanted pictures of your wedding in Vallauris. My intention is unequivocal, it is to let you quietly enjoy the day while being aware that all these exceptional moments will be captured.

The emotions at the heart of my photographs

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On your D-Day in Vallauris, I pay attention to the pure minutes so that, later, you get memories of your big day. I present shots that show the adoration between you and your guests throughout the most beautiful day of your life. A wedding is one of the unparalleled circumstances where family and friends are present in Vallauris to celebrate a union. I enjoy immortalizing on the spot, during this great day, special minutes of the connivance between the partners and their siblings; between the bride and groom and their friends. With my camera, I show your love and also the story of your family circle.

Witnesses of this great day, the photographs of these special minutes will remain in the middle of your entourage for many descendants. The magic timeless prints of your big day will reside for life as your wedding photos in Vallauris. They will carry you in the middle of the pleasant memory of your union. Your photographs will expose to your children the novel of your relationship.

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An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is an artist from the French Riviera rewarded by prestigious websites in Europe for the inventiveness of its photos and its technical qualities. You are guaranteed to get near you one of the best wedding photographers of Vallauris and the French Riviera for your big day.

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Pixedo award for landscape

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French Riviera Award 2017

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I present creative and authentic wedding photos. I want to give my images an unparalleled grandeur to dazzle your wonderful day. I invite you to exchange so that we can build together the photographic report of your wedding in Vallauris. It would be a great pleasure to be involved in the unparalleled moments of your wedding.


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