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Hello, I am Laurie Cornillon

I am a professional photographer from Menton specialized in wedding photography. I want to make the best possible memories of your big day. My approach to photography is very natural and spontaneous.

You will discover by looking at my website my vision of wedding photography, very close to a photo-reportage, also called photojournalism or documentary wedding photography. I want my images to show the emotion of the moment and the natural atmosphere of the day. I attach a lot of importance to capturing authentic, sincere and unadulterated images. They will be the magical memory of this unique day.

Menton, pearl of France

Menton, city of lemon. Menton, the sunniest city in France. "Mentan belou Mentan", its reputation is no longer to be made. Between softness of life and beauty of the landscapeMenton is a beautiful place. In my eyes, Menton is one of the most beautiful cities in France, if not the world. Originally from the hinterland of Nice, Menton has long been my heart city.

I settled in this beautiful city several years ago, when I met my partner from Menton. Since then, I've been enjoying the mild winters, the beautiful sunny days and the magnificent sunsets over the Campanin bell tower. This magnificent setting is a dream playground to take beautiful pictures at dusk from the boulevard Garavan, feet in the water on the beaches of Sablettes or from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Menton, an ideal place for wedding photography

With its shimmering colors, its Italian air and its small streets, Menton is a source of inspiration every day. It has inspired many artists and during your wedding at the town hall of Menton, you will have the honor to celebrate your love in the wedding hall decorated by the famous Jean Cocteau!

Menton is a magical and unique place to celebrate your union. It is the perfect place to make photographs of your day. Whether in the garden of Maria Serena, on the seafront or in the old town, you will have magical photos of your wedding in Menton. 

There is nothing more romantic than a wedding in the villages of southern France. The guests will be charmed by the beauty of the place and the warm atmosphere. Saint Agnes is a picturesque village located on the heights overlooking Menton. This place offers a magnificent view on the country mentonnais. Gorbio is another wonderful village, nestled between the green hills and the azure blue of the Mediterranean. There is a lot of charm in Gorbio with its narrow streets lined with old stone buildings. Castellar is a third village that I recommend for those looking for an idyllic setting for their wedding. This peaceful place offers a superb panoramic view of the entire French Riviera, from Nice to Monaco.

Your wedding photographer in Menton

What I really care about is bringing realism to my images so that they are emotionally charged. A wedding is a unique event where all the emotions are gathered in one day.

Your day begins with the excitement of the final preparations, then this excitement will give way to stress and tension that will increase a few minutes before climbing the steps of the town hall before discovering your future husband/wife. When you discover your soul mate, your heart will be turned upside down once again. Between relief, admiration and exaltation, it is not uncommon to see a little tear on the face of the future bride and groom and their entourage. Finally, the evening will give way to an explosion of joy and happiness. It is all these emotions that make your wedding in Menton so beautiful, that's why I have at heart to achieve an authentic photo report. All these beautiful moments are at the center of my shots.

With my camera, I capture these precious moments, real moments stolen on the spot to immortalize and deliver a magical testimony of your wedding in Menton. My goal is simple, it is to let you enjoy your wedding day serenely knowing that all the precious moments are captured.

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The emotions at the heart of my photographs

At your wedding, I am on the lookout for authentic moments so that later on you will have memories of what really happened on your big day. I create images that capture the love between you and your loved ones on the happiest day of your life. A wedding is one of the few days when family and friends gather in Menton to celebrate a union. I like to immortalize on the spot, throughout the day, the precious moments of complicity between the bride and groom and their families, between the bride and groom and their friends. With my camera, I tell your story, your romance and also the history of your family.

Witnesses of your wedding, the photographs of these precious moments will live in your family for generations. The wonderful memories of this day will remain forever as your wedding photos in Menton. They will transport you in the sweet memory of your beautiful wedding day. They will tell your children the story of your love.

An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is an artist-photographer Menton multi-rewarded by prestigious European magazines for the creativity of its images and technical mastery. Menton is a true source of inspiration for her daily. Through its photographs at the blue hour, the city of Menton has shone throughout the world. You are assured to have by your side one of the best wedding photographers of Menton and the French Riviera for the most beautiful day of your life.

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European awards

Pixedo award for landscape

Photograph of the year

French Riviera Award 2017

Let's talk about your wedding project in Menton

I create authentic, realistic and emotional wedding photographs. I have at heart to bring to my pictures an artistic, poetic and aesthetic dimension to enhance your day. I invite you to contact me so that we realize together the perfect photo report of your wedding in Menton. It would be a privilege for me to be invited to share with you the precious moments of your wedding.

Inspired by who you are, your desires and your love story, I will make a photo report that looks like you while putting you at ease. I approach each wedding with a different sensitivity and a unique attitude to make your wedding photographs in Menton the most beautiful witnesses of your union.