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Photographer in Eze experienced in the photographic report of wedding, I have in heart to capture for you the most beautiful moments of your big day. My photographic universe is creative and authentic.

You will discover by viewing my website my conception of wedding photography, very close to a photojournalism. I want my images to translate the excitement of the moment and the original atmosphere of the day of your union in Eze. I place a lot of importance on making contemporary and artistic photographs, without interventions. The photos will be a wonderful souvenir of your wedding.

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A true jewel of the French RivieraThe town of Eze dazzles travelers and locals alike. With its exceptional microclimate, its charm and its landscapes Eze is one of the must-see towns in the Alpes-Maritimes. The town of Eze stretches from the natural park of La Revère, located on the Grande Corniche, to the seaside where magnificent Belle Époque villas stand. Perched above the Mediterranean, the medieval village of Eze is a Mecca of art and gastronomy.

Walking through the small streets of the village, you will discover the famous Chateau de la Chèvre d'Ora gourmet restaurant hosting large weddings. From the gardens of the Golden GoatYou will discover an exceptional panorama, just like the one located at the top of the village, in the exotic garden of Eze. Between sky and sea, the village of Eze dominates the sea and offers a striking panorama. The medieval town of Eze is definitely one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in France.

Wedding photographer Eze

Magical wedding photography in Eze

It is in the heart of this exceptional place that you will celebrate your love. The city of Eze is the ideal place to capture magical memories of your day. I will immortalize the most beautiful moments of your wedding in Eze. I will immortalize the moments of complicity with your soul mate in this dream setting, during a romantic walk in the medieval city or during your reception in one of the magnificent restaurants of the village. Between the small typically Provencal streets and the breathtaking view from the exotic garden, all the ingredients are gathered to realize exceptional wedding photographs.

This is without counting on two other places of choice, at the Fort de la Révère, with the medieval city as a backdrop; or on the seashore with its lush vegetation. Chic and prestigious; natural and simple or simply breathtaking, all photographs are possible in Eze.

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Wedding photo Eze

I am passionate about photography and I try to capture the sincerity and tenderness that emanates from each wedding. A wedding is a unique moment where all the love of a couple is concentrated in an exceptional day.

Your wedding begins with the final preparations, full of excitement and anticipation. Then comes the moment to cross the threshold of the town hall and discover your future spouse. As you meet his or her eyes, you fall in love all over again. Between relief and admiration, it is not rare that emotion overwhelms you and your family. Finally, the party is in full swing and you enjoy your happiness. It is this human richness which gives all its value to your wedding in Eze, and this is why I try to photograph the event in an authentic and sensitive way. All these precious moments are the heart of my photos.

With my photo equipment, I capture all these unique and sincere seconds, to offer you an unforgettable memory of your wedding in Eze. My objective is clear: to allow you to live serenely the day of your wedding, knowing that all these rare minutes will be immortalized.

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On your wedding day in Eze, I capture the spontaneous moments so that you can relive them later. I create images that tell the story of the complicity between you and your loved ones on that special day. A wedding is one of those rare occasions when the people who matter to you are gathered in Eze to celebrate your union. I love to capture these unique moments of love between the bride and groom and their families, between the couple and their friends, on the spot during your big day. With my professional equipment, I retrace your history and that of your entourage.

Witnesses of this memorable day, the photos of these unforgettable emotions will remain in your family for future generations. The beautiful memories of your wedding will be perpetuated through your wedding photos in Eze. Your photos will transport you in the sweet memory of the most beautiful day of your life. They will tell your children the story of your romance.

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An award-winning photographer in Europe

Laurie is a French artist who has won competitions from leading international websites for the beauty of her shots and her technical skill. You are sure to benefit from the services of one of the best wedding photographers in Eze and the French Riviera for your wedding.

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Pixedo award for landscape

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I make natural and creative wedding pictures. I want to give my images a priceless value to sublimate your beautiful wedding day. I invite you to contact me so that we can prepare together your wedding photography report in Eze. It would be an honor to be chosen to photograph the unique moments of your wedding.


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