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Professional photographer in La Turbie specializing in wedding photography, I attach great importance to photographing for you the greatest moments of this great day. My photographic style is sensitive and artistic.

You will discover by viewing my portfolio my vision of wedding photography, very close to a photoreportage. I am particularly concerned that my photographs breathe the feeling of the moment and the original atmosphere of your union in La Turbie. I attach a lot of importance to making natural and creative photographs, without intervening. The photos will be the timeless testimony of your union.

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The commune of La Turbie is rich in beauty and an exceptional past. Built in honor of the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, the Augustus trophy sits on the French Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea for over 2000 years. A vestige of its Roman history, the trophy brings to the town of La Turbie the charm of the past. The village of La Turbie is a real balcony suspended above the Mediterranean Sea and offers a unique mix of styles, with a baroque church and small medieval cobbled streets.

Peille and Peillon are two small villages located a few kilometers from La Turbie and Monaco. These villages offer an idyllic setting for wedding photos, with their typical stone-built houses and cobbled streets. The landscapes surrounding area are beautiful, with vineyards and green forests.

Wedding photographer La Turbie

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La Turbie is a unique place to get married. It is also the perfect place for authentic and charming wedding photography. Together, we can capture sweet memories of your day and then immortalize your love during a walk in the medieval village or near the tête de Chien with a view of the Principality of Monaco or the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer. We will also be able to immortalize the peace and serenity of the Saint-Michel Church during your religious ceremony. With its shimmering colors and its architecture, this baroque church is typical of the Nice coast and we can find these twin sisters at Menton and in Italy.

The city of La Turbie has other great places to take great pictures, such as the Grande Corniche Park or the gardens of the Trophée Auguste, with a panoramic view that extends from Italy to Nice.

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It is essential for me to give my visuals creativity so that they are filled with sensibilities. A wedding is a moment that has no equal where all the sensitivities will be gathered in a unique day.

The day of your union starts with the momentum of the preparations, then this emulation will progress to effervescence and tension that will increase for a short while before progressing to the steps of the town hall before revealing your companion. As you catch sight of your soul mate, you'll feel the same way you did when you first met. Between appeasement and admiration, it is regular to see a small tear pass over the eyes of the future bride and groom and their tribe. In the end, the festivities will evolve into an upsurge of euphoria. It is the sum of these human aspects that provides a special grandeur to your wedding in La Turbie, so it is very important for me to capture the event in a natural and authentic way. The sum of these exquisite moments is predominant in my shots.

Close to my reflex, I photograph these extraordinary minutes, emotional moments caught in anticipation of providing you with a fairytale memory of your wedding in La Turbie. My objective is unequivocal, it is to allow you to enjoy your wedding knowing that the addition of these singular seconds will be taken in photo.

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The emotions at the heart of my photographs

On your big day in La Turbie, I have my eye on the heartfelt emotions so that afterwards you will acquire memories of your union. I deliver images that capture the tenderness between you and your family at the height of the celebration of your love. A wedding is one of those unique moments when your entourage is gathered in La Turbie for the purpose of celebrating a marriage. I like to immortalize in the moment, during the most beautiful day of your life, the exceptional moments of tenderness between the bride and groom and their clans. Next to my camera, I tell the story of your epic and at the same time, the saga of your family circle.

As a reminder of your big day, the shots of these special minutes will stay with your family for generations. The dazzling memories of this great day will live on as your La Turbie wedding photographs. Your photos will transport you to the sweet testimony of your memorable day. They will tell your offspring the story of your couple.

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Laurie is an artist from Nice who has been awarded by eminent websites worldwide for the inventiveness of her shots and her technical dexterity. You have the promise to enjoy with you one of the best wedding photographers of La Turbie and the French Riviera for your big day.

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I entrust very natural and lively wedding photos. I want to give my visuals a rare stature to magnify your beautiful wedding day. I encourage you to enter in contact with me so that we can create the photographic report of your dreams of your wedding in La Turbie. It would be a delight to be invited to know the special moments of your wedding.

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