How to choose your wedding photographer?

The organization of your wedding is one of the most beautiful periods of your life. Between choosing the flowers, the decorations to be made and the fittings for your wedding dress, you are in heaven. You spend most of your time browsing on Pinterest looking for ideas that will enhance your big day. For to immortalize this beautiful day you want to call a professional photographer and you hesitate?

As you know, the success of your wedding will be complete when you have chosen quality providers. To be sure to make the right choice, here are 8 questions to ask your future photographer. After that, you can trust it to 100 %!


1. What is his photographic style?

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Although it is noticeable on the photographs presented on its website and / or social networks, do not hesitate to ask your wedding photographer what is his photographic style. Rare are the photographers who do not have a photographic sensitivity which is their own. Photography is an art, and like all art, it is unique to the person who captures it.

Each photographer at his vision, his technique, his know-how. It is this mix that gives each photographer a personal photographic style.

It is important that his photographic style corresponds with your universe and your expectations.

During a wedding, the pictures will be different according to :

  • the attitude of the photographerdiscrete or not
  • its artistic sensitivity during framing and post-processing of images
  • his way of capturing eventsThe bride and groom can be photographed spontaneously or through poses of the bride and groom and their guests.

If you are in love with his photographs and you have a good feeling with this photographer, go for it!

Oops, take the time to talk with him a little more, you are on the right track! He is surely the photographer that fits you. To confirm it and be sure to make the right choice, you still have 7 questions to ask him!


2. Do you retouch all the photographs?

A professional photographer never gives "raw", unedited photographs to his bride and groom. He cannot give you the photographs before he has worked on them. This is how he sublimates his pictures and brings to his work the final touch. The post-processing, the sorting of the missed shots (yes, it happens even to the best!) and the retouching are all part of the photographer's job.

An artist will never give you an unfinished work, the same goes for an author who will never give you his draft to read. The photographer is no exception to this rule and will not give you the raw files from his camera.


3. How many photos will I receive?

This is a big question and a difficult one to answer. Every wedding is differentThis is a great way to get the most out of your event, both in terms of the length of the shoot and the number of guests.

The photographer will certainly ask you about these parameters in order to give you the approximate number of photographs that he will deliver to you. Be careful, a professional photographer does not have a limited number of photographs to take and should not stop capturing the events of your wedding when he has reached a threshold.


4. When will I receive my photographs?

The right photographer will be able to give you an approximate date for the delivery of the photographs. Your photographer's work does not stop after your wedding day.

He continues once in his office, where he must export, sort and then retouch your photographs. This work is long and can take several weeks. A photographer organizes his time between the days of weddings that follow one another, the work of post-processing of images and appointments with the bride and groom.

For your information, a professional photographer will deliver your photographs between 2 and 8 weeks after your wedding.


5. In what format will the photographs be transmitted?

Depending on the packaging, your photographer will deliver the photographs of your wedding either on a USB key, on a CD, or by downloading them onto a gallery online.

Don't forget to ask him if they will be transmitted in HD, i.e. in High Definition. The professional cameras allow to obtain photographs of very great qualities in very large formats, it would be a pity to deprive itself of it!


6. Are they delivered without watermark?

In order toavoid any unpleasant surprises On the day of the delivery of your wedding photos, don't hesitate to ask him if the photos are without watermark. What is a watermark? I'm sure you've seen them before... You know, the horrible logo of the photographer that is on the bottom of all your cousin Ana's wedding pictures? Yes, we are talking about the watermark that made your cousin cry when she received her photographs.

Photographers use it to protect their photographs when they are published on a website or social networks, but it would be a shame to find this copyright on your wedding photos.


7. If you break your arm, what happens?

So first of all, I don't wish any wedding photographer to break his arm. However, nothing is impossible, it is better to plan ahead. A professional photographer always has a quality plan B to offer, "just in case".

As an example, I know fellow photographers whose level of requirement, quality and photographic style are close to mine. If necessary, I will not hesitate to contact to replace me if I lost an arm! My brides and grooms have nothing to worry about and will have a beautiful photographic report, no matter what.

This question will determine whether or not you can trust your photographer to cover your wedding.


8. Can you show me pictures of a complete wedding?

To distinguish a professional from an amateur, it is important to ask to see photographs of a complete wedding. Well, don't dream, no photographer is going to show you all the photographs of a wedding. Can you imagine looking at 700 pictures of a stranger's wedding? Instead of letting you fall asleep while viewing an entire wedding, a professional wedding photographer will show you a full marriage certificate.

He will select a series of photos that retrace the entire wedding day. Thus, you will have a glimpse of his work in various situations of the same wedding: during the preparations, in a town hall, in a church, during the couple photos, during the group photos and then during the evening.

Here you are in the shoes of the bride and groom who have received their wedding photos. Do you like them? Bingo, you have in front of you your wedding photographer!