Wedding photographer under the rain

Wedding photographer in Nice under the rain

We live in a time where it is increasingly rare that you can have a wedding in the rain, especially on the French Riviera ! Before the big day, nothing allows us to say that it will fall a deluge on your wedding day. And yet, it happens! 

The weather is the most great concern of all couples planning their wedding. They want to see themselves walking through a beautiful bride in her radiant white dress, and they also worry about outdoor games being interrupted by rain if it comes at an inopportune time!

There is always a chance that rain will come to the party, so you must have a contingency plan ! What if it rains? This can lead to great pictures under the rain and even add to the atmosphere a special atmosphere.

Wedding photographer nice cimiez rain

Unique wedding photographs in the rain


The sound of raindrops tapping lightly on your umbrellas as you walk down the aisle can be an elegant and serene momentor a romantic moment. In any case, this timeless feeling will be found in all the photos, with the soft sound of the rain accompanying each smile.

It is also an opportunity to to explore new places for your wedding, inside and outside. Photos in the rain are often more originalThis is because they can produce a picturesque scene that may not be able to be recreated on another day. The photographer will be looking for unusual locations, so it is worth exploring what is available locally.

At each of my weddings in the rain, my bride and groom loved the unique atmosphere and the special atmosphere for their couple photo session. They had fun with the situation and these moments will remain unforgettable for my bride and groom (as well as for me!).

Your wedding photographer is there to immortalize this unique moment. Whether the rain falls or not, he will make sure that your eyes shine through the pictures and that your emotion can be felt in every photo. He will be careful not to miss anything of this day, small details that mark unforgettable moments. And if by misfortune the weather deteriorates during the ceremony or the outdoor games, he will know how to find a simple solution to solve the problem.

The rain is a blessing in disguise for your wedding photos. Her natural beauty will accentuate the romanticism and sentimentality of the day, while its soft light will illuminate all those intimate moments you will cherish forever.

wedding-rain photographer

Tips and ideas for original accessories for your wedding in the rain


umbrellas for each guest or one per couple as a original gifts

- Place an umbrella on each chair before the ceremony starts, with special attention to those placed under trees. Use light colors if you don't want your veil to be stained and have unsightly shadows on the back. These accessories will be very useful for photographers ready to brave the elements...

- umbrellas and accessories for photographers, such as a poncho or a waterproof jacket

- Leather gloves to keep their hands warm and protect their skin from the rain. There are also waterproof models. They come in handy when you're driving your car to that special day!

Don't forget that the rain is often synonymous with inspiration There will always be something to take a picture of, and your photographer will be glad he didn't have to go back and forth to find a nice blue sky.

Wedding photographer cimiez rain

The best advice that I can give you for stay calm on your wedding day is to take a deep breath and relax. You are surrounded by loved ones who are eager to see you get married. There is no need to let stress build up just because of the rain, which as we have just seen can make the unique and beautiful photographs.

Don't be disappointed if the rain comes. If you dream of having beautiful photographs under an azure blue sky, there is a solution. You will be able to realize photographs with your husband in the dryduring a photo session day after. Put on your wedding dress again and kiss your husband again under the lens a few days later (and under the sun this time!).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my experience photographing a rainy wedding. I am a wedding photographer. It's my job to make sure you have a perfect day, even in the rain!